How to get rare bundles and gun skins from the Gift of Light event in Free Fire MAX 

There is a long list of different kinds of events that are currently going live. This is because the ongoing light fest event campaign is continuously introducing interesting cosmetics in Free Fire. Today’s discussion is about the latest Gift of Light events. The event contains various premium outfits and gun skins. The best part is that players will surely get a permanent item from each spin.

Get guaranteed bundles and gun skins from the Gift of Light event

The new event is launched on October 19, 2022, and will remain till November 1. Players have to spend diamonds to participate in this event. Though the developers are giving a guarantee of receiving permanent skin, most of those will be ordinary. So, the requirement is to make as much spin as possible for getting the desired cosmetic. The cost of making one spin in the Gift of Light event is 199 diamonds. Whereas five spins require 899 diamonds. Players can spin within the desired category which is Outfits and Gun skins. The option of five spins gives a guarantee of getting premium items. The exclusive gift of a light token will be provided with every spin. Moreover, if an already owned item is drawn, that will be converted into the gift of light tokens.

Prize pool of the ongoing Gift of Light event in Free Fire MAX

The prize pool of this event is vast as there are two categories; For Costumes and Gun Skins. Every category has a set of premium items and ordinary items.

Set of Costumes

Premium ones

  • Golden Shade Bundle
  • Zombified Samurai Bundle
  • Arctic Blue Bundle
  • Fierce Demilord Bundle
  • Skull Hunter Bundle
  • Winter Ironthrasher Bundle
  • Shinobi Ablaze Bundle
  • Thunder Electrified Bundle
  • others

Set of Gun Skins

Premium Prize

  • M1887 – Incendium Burst
  • MP40 – Royal Flush
  • P90 – The Punisher
  • SCAR – Cupid
  • AK – The Flaming Dragon
  • UMP – Art of War
  • others

Steps to get rewards from the new Gift of Light event

  • Step 1: Head to the event section of Free Fire MAX then open the Gift of Light event.
  • Step 2: Choose any or both of the available options then make spins.

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