Free Fire to get a new Character with Teleportation in the OB38 update

The advance server is introduced before launching any Free Fire OB update. So, the upcoming content usually gets leaked before the official release. It is very usual to introduce an all-new character in the latest update. Free Fire players always remain excited about the upcoming character as they possess extraordinary skills that become a game changers in a match. The rumors are the upcoming character will have a unique ability to teleport.

New Character with Teleporting ability is coming soon

Free Fire confirmed the arrival of the new character in the next OB update as developers teased some upcoming features in the advance server. The character can teleport to a random place dealing with a surprise attack on the enemy. To use the feature players have to press a certain button while locating the teleportation place using the white cursor. Let’s have a look at the ability of the character.

Free Fire New Character Ability Revealed

The ability of the upcoming character is active. So, it will be available for a limited period and requires manual activation. The ability is named Shape Splitter. Using it, the character will spawn a 150HP dummy which will travel for five seconds. The skill should be used again to teleport to the entity’s place. Thus players can make a surprise visit to enemies or retreat.

Shape Splitter: Active Skill

The character has the base ability with a cool-down duration of 110 seconds. After achieving the maximum level of the character the cool-down period will be set to 60 seconds. The dummy will self-destruct automatically after use. However, enemies can destroy the dummy to stop teleportation.

Here is a table mentioning the stats of the character’s ability at each level.

 Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Cool Down (In seconds)11010090807060

Though the information is from the official advance server, players should not completely rely on this. They should pay attention to the final version in January 2023, as the character may change the ability.

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