Free Fire MAX New Character for the upcoming OB39 Update: Orion

The Advance Server for the upcoming Free Fire OB39 update is already launched on the official website. Hence, a lot of leaks are coming regarding the upcoming cosmetics. Developers always introduce a new character in every OB update patch. Those have extraordinary skills that help in every match in the game. So, players always remain excited about the upcoming characters. According to the leaked information, the new Character is called ‘Orion’.

The Orion character will be launched in the Next Free Fire OB39 Update 

The arrival of the Next OB39 update is confirmed by Free Fire officially as the Advance server is already available. Developers teased some upcoming features in the advance server. However, the release date is not known yet. But, players can expect the launch a few days after the introduction of the OB39 update patch.

Free Fire New Character Orion: All You Need to Know

Once a Mercenary, Orion’s life changed when he got enormous power after undergoing a biological transformation. He has an active ability called ‘Crimson Crush’. The New character can absorb the opponent’s life for a short period. To do that, Orion uses some of its EPs.

Crimson Crush: Active Skill

Orion has a powerful ability called Crimson Crush. The ability replaces EP with 300 Crimson Energy. After consuming 150 Crimson Energy, Orion built protection which remains activated for 3 seconds. During these 3 seconds, the character and teammates will not receive any damage. Moreover, the character will absorb 15 HP from enemies’ within 5 meters. So, players will get a tremendous benefit from the new character if used in a crucial team encounter. The Cooldown is set at 30 seconds. Remember these points while using the ‘Crimson Crush’ skill.

  • The ability can only be used if the player has 150 or more EP life.
  • While using the ability, Orion gains HP, and enemies lose HP.
  • Players cannot change their weapons while using the skill.

Players must remember that these are mere leaks and not official release. Things in the Advance server may change after launching into the official app.  

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