Limited Edition Runestone Hyperbook is now available in Free Fire MAX: Hyperbook Top Up

Hyperbook is a very premium item in the Free Fire community. Players can get super cool collectibles from a reward pool. Recently, a new Hyperbook is made available through a top-up event. The best part is it will be a limited edition Hyperbook. Hence, players only have this time to acquire the rewards. Moreover, players can the rewards for free as it is introduced through a top-up event. Players must purchase some fixed amount of diamonds to be eligible for the rewards.

New Hyperbook Top Up in Free Fire MAX is offering cool rewards

The following event is made available in Free Fire MAX Indian Server on April 12, 2023, and will remain available till April 18, 2023. Here, players are getting rewards like Runestone Hyperbook and Hyperbook tokens. The book has a few pages, each containing premium Runestone-themed items. Players will unlock the first page instantly after collecting the Hyperbook. However, the next subsequent pages will require special tokens for unlocking. There are various premium collectibles available. Here is a complete list:

  • First Page Contain: Teal Core Loot Box
  • Second Page Contain: Motorbike Teal Rush
  • Third Page Contain: Teal Glow Backpack
  • Fourth Page Contain: Runestone Sickle
  • Fifth Page Contain: Katana Whetted Runestone
  • Sixth Page Contain: Groza Runestone Sigil
  • Seventh Page Contain: Earthly Force

The Runestone Hyperbook is a special one as it is a limited edition Hyperbook. It will never be re-launched again in the game which means it is a highly premium item.

Missions available in the new Hyperbook Top-Up event

  • Top Up 100 diamonds: Get a Runestone Hyperbook
  • Top Up 300 diamonds: Get 20 Runestone Tokens
  • Top Up 500 diamonds: Get 40 Runestone Tokens

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