How to get the new Eagle Gaze M1887 from the latest event in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire provides a variety of events following different kinds of festive eves. Players wait for these as such events always bring in unique items. Currently, the holy Ramadan month is going on and players are getting an exclusive campaign called Emerald Storm. Players are getting a chance to collect the newly launched gun skin Eagle Gaze M1887. M887 is a popular short gun and many use it in their daily gameplay.

New Eagle Gaze M1887 is now available in the M1887 Ring event in Free Fire MAX

The M1887 Ring event was started on April 10, 2023, in Free Fire MAX Indian Server. Players can participate till April 23, 2023. Players will get the chance to spin the wheel and collect random items. Hence, rewards are not guaranteed here. One spin will require 20 diamonds. A set of 11 spins will need 200 diamonds only. There are four M1887 skins and all of them are super cool and legendary. Their attributes make them worth diamonds. However, rewards are not guaranteed here. Players can use the special Sacred Rune Tokens to exchange them for the desired items.

Complete the Prize Pool of the M1887 Ring event in Free Fire MAX

  • M1887 – Eagle Gaze
  • M1887 – Emerald Power
  • M1887 – Incendium Burst
  • M1887 – Solaris Burst
  • Emerald Slicer
  • Green Star
  • Sacred Rune Tokens

Steps to access the M1887 Ring event in the game to acquire various rewards

  • Step 1: At first, players have to open the Free Fire MAX on their device and then they have to log in to their account. After opening the Game a banner dedicated to the ring event will appear on the screen. Simply click on that and the event interface will be opened. Otherwise, go to the calendar icon then press the Emerald Storm section. Click the M1887 Ring event.
  • Step 2: Make spins using diamonds and receive random rewards. Also, players can go to the exchange section for using the tokens. Gun skins will be added to the armory section of Free Fire.  

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