How to get Scorpio katana and Scorpio Fang for free from the Scorpio Top-Up III event in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire has added another Scorpio top-up in the game. It is the third Scorpio Top-up event that the community has witnessed. Top Up events are unique ones that offer exclusive items to players. The requirement is to purchase a certain number of diamonds to unlock those rewards. In the Scorpio Top Up 3 event players will get an exclusive katana skin and a Fang skin. The event will remain in the game for one week so there a plenty of time.

Latest Scorpio Top-Up event in Free Fire MA offers various rewards for 300 diamonds

The Scorpio Top-Up 3 was launched on May 16, 2023, and will remain in the game till May 22, 2023. Two rewards are available:  Scorpio Fang and Katana – Scorpio. The Fang skin is very attractive and deadly. The crimson red is providing Fang with a great appearance. The kata skin also looks great with the red animation. There is no need to complete any missions. Players can get both rewards by purchasing 300 diamonds only.

Complete the Prize pool and their requirement to unlock the event

  • Purchase 100 diamonds: Get Pet Skin: Scorpio Fang for free
  • Purchase 300 diamonds: Get Katana – Scorpio for free

The rewards are cumulative so players can get both by paying 240 rupees for 310 diamonds. The event will not charge any for the items. So, players can use them later in other in-game events.

Purchase diamonds and get rewards from the Scorpio Top-Up 3 event

  • Step 1: At first, players have to open Free Fire MAX. Then, they should head towards the top-up center by pressing the ‘+’ icon.
  • Step 2: Scroll through the available option and select the desired amount you want to purchase. After selecting, complete the payment process by any method. The diamonds will be added to the account immediately.
  • Step 3: Now, open the Scorpio Top Up III event and click the claim button beside the rewards, the katana skin will be added to the weapon section and the Fang skin will be added to the inventory.

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