Upcoming New Pet Pug in Free Fire MAX after the OB40 update

Free Fire MAX is a unique battle royale game that provides a companion to the in-game character. Those companions are called pets. Pets in Free Fire MAX are a very demanding feature that is enjoyed by almost every player. In every OB update, developers introduce an all-new pet for the community. The OB40 update will be launched within a few days so players are expecting an all-new pet in the game. Well, a new pet will arrive but it will be very different from other previous pets. Usually, every pet possesses a unique skill which becomes very helpful for players. Most of them collect those pets for their ability only. But, the upcoming pet will have no skills.

All you need to know about the upcoming OB40 pet Pug

Inspired by a human’s best friend, the upcoming pet will be a pug. As the name suggests, it got inspiration from the very popular dog breed ‘pug’. The OB40 update will be launched very soon so players can expect the new pet a few days after that. Pug is a cool pet having an attractive personality. It will give a different vibe while playing.

Skill: No Skill

 The only major flaw of the pet is that it doesn’t have any skills. Either active or passive pug does not come with a skill. However, players can still use other pets’ abilities while equipping pugs. The Pug is a beautiful pet having a cool suit and basic skin. Since it doesn’t have any skills, players may get it for free from some simple missions.

Despite the lack of ability pug has an attractive appearance which will surely get a lot of attraction after the launch. What do you think about this new pet? Let us know in the comment section below!

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