How to get Space Uzi and Griffin M4A1 from the UZI X M4A1 Ring event in Free Fire MAX

Ring events are the latest type of luck royale that offers premium collectibles in Free Fire MAX. These events require a lot of diamonds for participation but it is worth spending judging the rarity and the vibe of the rewards. The latest Ring Royale contains two highly attractive legendary gun skins. Those are Mini Uzi Space Expedition and M4A1 Griffin’s Fury. Moreover, there are other rewards that also make it worth trying.

The new UZI X M4A1 Ring event is available in Free Fire MAX for this week

The Ring Event is launched on June 23, 2023, and will remain in the game till July 6, 2023. Players are getting two spinning options. One option is to make one spin for 20 diamonds or make eleven spins for 200 diamonds. Both of the gun skins are space themed and very rare. Here is the prize list from which items will be awarded.

Reward list of the new Ring event in Free Fire MAX

  • Mini Uzi – Griffin Fury
  • Mini Uzi – Space Voyage
  • M4A1 – Red Griffin
  • M4A1 – Griffin’s Fury
  • Universal Ring Tokens

Since there are no guaranteed prizes; players have to rely on the universal tokens which can be exchanged for premium items.

  • Mini Uzi Space Expedition: For 200x Universal Ring Tokens
  • Mini Uzi Space Voyage: For 175x Universal Ring Tokens
  • M4A1 Red Griffin: For 200x Universal Ring Tokens
  • M4A1 Griffin’s Fury: For 200x Universal Ring Tokens

The exchange section for the UZI X M4A1 Ring event is situated at the top corner of the event interface. Players can tap on that icon and get their preferred UZI or M4A1 skin.

Guide to access the UZI X M4A1 Ring event and get premium collectibles

  • Step 1: Open the Luck Royale tab of Free Fire MAX and choose the Uzi X M4A1 Ring.
  • Step 2: Players now have to make spins with diamonds and get random rewards. Lucky ones may get their desired UZI skin early but others may have to use the Exchange tokens.

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