Download Minecraft 1.21, 1.21.30 and 1.21.0: New Update

The features introduced in MCPE 1.21.0 continue to improve the gameplay. Some mobs have received additional details in behavior scenarios, as well as completely new creatures have appeared. Users can still search for ancient treasures and make their way in unusual locations.

Among the interesting features of the game:

  • Find temples in the jungle with the help of monkeys;
  • create unique armor;
  • extract wood for construction;
  • paint ancient pots and decorate the world with them;
  • meet jellyfish in the oceans and seas.

Jungle biome

Some users have long thought that it is time for developers to update the jungle. In Minecraft 1.21, 1.21.30 and 1.21.0, players can more easily find temples in these biomes. To do this, they need to find and tame a monkey.

Then this creature will show the way to the right structure. To tame the character, users will need a banana.


The underwater world has also been enriched in Minecraft PE 1.21, 1.21.30 and 1.21.0. In the seas and oceans, users can now meet jellyfish. Beautiful creatures are safe from a distance, but when in contact with a character or other mobs, they can sting and cause damage.

To make the water more transparent and clean, players can still supplement the game with shaders for MCPE.


Wandering through the deserts of Minecraft 1.21, 1.21.30 and 1.21.0, players can unexpectedly find an unusual place called Oasis. It is a unique structure with trees and some resources for survival. This piece of land is not so difficult to find, since deserts usually do not occupy large territories in the game.

If it rains in the game world, then there is a sandstorm in the desert at this time.

Archaeological items

Many items and blocks appeared in the game along with the archeology feature. Thus, the developers gave Minecraft PE 1.21, 1.21.30 and 1.21.0 players the opportunity to find artifacts and improve existing features.

Decorative potIt is possible to decorate a dwelling in the game world with the help of objects created from ancient fragments. Decorative pots can be painted with dyes.
Armor templateThe uniqueness of the armor in Minecraft can be given if you paint it using templates. These items are often hidden in underground structures such as Trail Ruins.
Sniffer eggPlayers are actively engaged in growing Sniffers since MCPE 1.20.15 update. This is a simple process, the main thing is to choose the right place. The best blocks for this are moss.

MCPE 1.21, 1.21.30 and 1.21.0: New Version

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