3 Best Weapons For Long Range Fights In Free Fire

Free Fire offers a variety of options when it comes to choosing weapons. These weapons are divided into various categories to understand their uses easily. As a battle royale game, Free Fire offers you to experience close-range, middle-range, and long-range fights, and the weapons available in the game are suitable for different combat ranges.

This post will cover the best weapon choices for long-range combats in Free Fire (FF). The most suitable weapon category for long-range combats in Free Fire is the Sniper Rifles. But there are some Assault Rifles also that gives perfect results for long-range combats. Here are the top 3 long-range weapons to use in Free Fire.

Most Suitable Guns For Long-Range In Free Fire:

1. AWM

Nothing can stop AWM from being included in the list and making it to number one. AWM is a sniper-rifle and comes with a pre-installed 8x scope. No doubt, it is the deadliest weapon in the game, and if in the right hands, it can be an absolute beast and kill enemies with a single shot. However, it’s a rare weapon in the game and can only be found in the airdrops.

Movement Speed65
Rate of Fire27
Reload Speed34
Armor Penetration0

2. SVD

SVD is an automatic Sniper Rifle, unlike AWM, which is a Bolt-Action Rifle. Some players even consider it as an Assault Rifle. It comes with a pre-installed 4x Scope. It is also a rare item of Free Fire, as only available at treasure map points and airdrops.

Movement Speed62
Rate of Fire35
Reload Speed41
Armor Penetration67

3. KAR98K

After AWM, the KAR98K is another well-balanced Sniper Rifle. It comes with a pre-installed 8x scope and has short-range and less reload speed than AWM, but with an accurate aim, it can be fatal. Unlike the above mentioned two weapons, it can easily be found on the map, making it a perfect and easily available choice for long-range fights.

Movement Speed65
Rate of Fire27
Reload Speed27
Armor Penetration0

The Sniper Rifles and Automatic Sniper Rifles choices depend entirely on your aim and mechanism of the game. Some players may consider KAR98K better than SVD, and vice versa. If you use any other gun for the long-range combats and work well for you, don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section below.

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