Free Fire: Fast Landing Tips & Tricks

Free Fire (FF) provides various game modes to be enjoyed by the player, but the most popular one remains the evergreen Battle Royale Mode. In Battle Royale mode, you jump from the plane passing above the map in a straight line. You land on your preferred place and start looting weapons and other items. You have to fight with the enemies you encounter on the battlefield to become the last one standing to win the match.

The initial stage is jumping from the plane and landing at a place. There are very few chances that you are going to be the only one to land at a place; there will always be enemies jumping with you, especially at the places known for good loot items. Now your survival lies in landing before them and getting the weapon to shoot them before they do the same with you.

So this post will share the tips & tricks about how you can land faster from the plane on any map. So let’s begin:

1. Configuring Automatic Parachute

Follow the steps mentioned below to activate the ‘Auto-Parachute’ feature:

Step 1: Go To Settings

From the lobby, click on the ‘gear’ like button in the upper right corner to open settings.

Step 2: Go to ‘Controls’ Tab

In setting, from the left side of the screen, go to the ‘Controls’ tab.

Step 3: Turn On ‘Auto-Parachute’

Among various settings in the control tab, you need to find ‘Auto-Parachute’ and select the ‘ON’ option in front of it.

After doing this, you have enabled the ‘Auto-Parachute’ feature in your account. Now, after jumping from the plane, you will get to see a ‘Skip’ button on your screen. Just click on that, and the route will be done automatically at the fastest possible speed.

2. Equip Falco Pet

Falco was added to the game with the OB22 update. It is the first-ever bird pet introduced in Free Fire. Using this pet, you can land from the plane in the fastest way because of its special ability that increases your gliding speed upon skydive and diving speed after the parachute opens. The effects also apply to your teammates.

  • Level 1: 15% increase in gliding speed upon skydive. 25% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens.
  • Level 2: 30% increase in gliding speed upon skydive. 37% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens.
  • Level 3: 45% increase in gliding speed upon skydive. 50% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens.

In conclusion, in order to land fast from the plane, you can turn on the Auto-Parachute feature. Also, you can equip the Falco pet to accompany you on the battleground.

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