Free Fire: List of All Real-Life Inspired Locations On Maps

Free Fire (FF) is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile, with more than 100 million active players worldwide. The concept of the game lets you jump on a battlefield with 49 other players, with the aim of surviving till the last one standing.

The game has three different playable map options: Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. The oldest and best known among them is the Bermuda map. Purgatory was the second map to be added to the game, and the latest addition was the Kalahari, aka Desert map.

Free Fire is known for introducing real-life inspired characters, but very few people know that it even has real-world inspired locations also.

1. Sentosa

Free Fire’s Sentosa Island is a real-life inspired location which is inspired by the Sentosa Island itself. It was found on the Asian continent and is located in Singapore. It is a tourist place that receives more than 20 million tourists per year on its 2km beach, golf course, and 5-star hotels. This island is located in a more extreme region in southern Singapore. In the game, also, the Sentosa island is on the southeastern end of the map.

According to the Educalingo dictionary, the word Sentosa has its origin in the Malay language and refers to “peace and tranquility.” Another unique thing about Sentosa island is the presence of the Tiger Sky Tower, which is the largest free observation tower in Asia with 110 meters of height from the ground. The tower is also available at the Free Fire’s Sentosa and can be found at the right of the island in a higher region.

2. Rim Nam Village

Rim Nam Village is located at the far left of the Bermuda map. It is composed of several houses in the water and connected by small bridges made of wooden. Visually and geographically, the Rim Nam village resembles the resort shape found in the Maldives, a small country in Southern Asia. The Republic of Maldives has 1196 Islands, but out of them, only 203 are inhabited.

The real place and the in-game place have a lot of similarities. Apart from the coast of Rim Nam Village, there are several buildings made of wood and covered with straw that make them look like kiosks, which are quite common in the Maldives.

3. Graveyard

Graveyard is an English term, and it refers to a cemetery. This is one of the most noticeable locations on the Bermuda map because of several tombstones right next to the mansion. The architecture of this cemetery is similar to a small village in England that is part of the Norfolk district, called North Lopham. The architectural similarity of the Graveyard on the Bermuda map in real life is a church known as the church of São Nicolau.

The custom of having a cemetery next to the church is in practice since the 19th century. It was believed that to be closer to the saints; the dead must be buried near the church or in the church as close as possible.

4. Moathouse

Moathouse is an island on the north of the Purgatory map. There are three buildings and a tower, which is very similar to the church tower. Moathouse is inspired by Bled Island, located in Slovenia. It is a beautiful church where many weddings are celebrated because of the beauty of the island. The architectural features of the two sites are very similar such as the church and staircase. This Island also has a well-known lake known as ‘Lake Bled,’ similar to the Moathouse island’s water.

5. Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is a location on the Kalahari map where a giant ship can be seen that seems to have been shipwrecked, as it appears cracked in two parts with several damages in its frontal region. In the game, players can easily enter the ship through the holes made by damage. However, looking shipwrecked in the middle of the desert looks quite strange to us, but it actually happened in an African country called Namibia.

There is a place called ‘La Costa de Los Esqueletos’ aka ‘Skeleton Coast’ in Namibia. Centuries ago, this place was bathed by the ocean, and because of the dense fog that covered the place, several ships met win accidents. The skeletons of these ships were submerged over time, with the desert advancing over the sea, these structures became visible and were covered by sand.

So from here comes the idea of the ship’s skeleton in the middle of a desert. Also, Africa has a dessert called ‘The Kalahari Desert’ that covers much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa.

These are the 5 real-life inspired placed on Free Fire maps. The game has much of Asian culture presented because of the origin of companies that developed and distributed the game.

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