Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration Details: New Vehicle ‘MCLFF’, Racetrack, Skins, Bundles & Much More

Free Fire announced a collaboration with McLaren Racing Formula 1 team. The collaboration will bring a lot of new exciting features to the game, such as the new in-game event ‘Ace the Field,’ a new sports car, skins, costumes, and much more. This post will share complete details about this new collaboration of Free Fire with McLaren Racing.

About Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration:

The official announcement of the collaboration was made on the Social Media channels of Free Fire. As per the official notes, it will be an exclusive collaboration that we have never seen before. This partnership will deliver the shared belief of both companies to the players that would offer engaging and creative experiences. Fans can expect the McLaren Formula drive Lando Norris to play a key role as a part of the collaboration.

Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration Event Release Date:

The official announcement of the FF x McLaren Collaboration has been made on May 25, 2021. But the developers haven’t said any word about the collaboration’s release in the game. For sure, it is not coming to the game before the OB28 update, scheduled to release on June 8, 2021. But on the Advanced Server, players might get to experience the new features and skins.

FF x McLaren Collaboration New Items, Skins, and Costumes:

Below are the confirmed new items, skins, costumes, bundles, and other things coming to the game with this Ace the Field collaboration event.

  • New Vehicle – MCLFF
  • McLaren Backpack
  • 1 Banner
  • 1 Avatar
  • 1 Parachute Skin
  • 1 Monster Truck Skin
  • 2 Loot Box Skins
  • 1 Emote
  • Angelic Pants
  • 1 McLaren Racing Male Bundle
  • 1 McLaren Racing Female Bundle
  • 1 McLaren Racing Helmet
  • Luck Royale Special Event
  • Various tokens for an in-game event

FF x McLaren: New Vehicle – MCLFF

Free Fire x McLaren collaboration will bring a new vehicle named MCLFF, an abbreviation for McLaren-Free Fire. The design of the car is inspired by other McLaren racing cars, including the MCL35M. MCLFF will represent McLaren’s vision of the future, where Grand Prix racing meets the era of advanced technology.

While talking about the collaboration, Mark Waller, Chief Commercial Officer of McLaren Racing, said, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Free Fire for an in-game McLaren Racing integration. Our fans are always looking for ways to connect with our team, and this integration gives this accessibility in a new and exciting way. It’s a brilliant collaboration in a time when gaming is only continuing to grow, and McLaren wants to be a part of that growth!”

Free Fire producer, Harold Teo, said, “Both the MCLFF and McLaren P1 are signature cars and represent the innovation and leadership that McLaren stands for. To bring these elements into Free Fire is something that we are truly excited about. We look forward to our players enjoying the best of McLaren in Free Fire. Collaborations like this allow us to deliver new experiences for current players and interest others to try Free Fire out.”

McLaren x Free Fire Collaboration Collection:

Player can equip their character with the racing look using the exclusive Free Fire x McLaren collaboration themed items, which includes original McLaren colors chosen by the founder Bruce McLaren. There will be several new additions to the game, such as McLaren-inspired surfboards, airships, emotes, and much more.

1. FF x McLaren – Male Bundle

2. FF x McLaren – Female Bundle 

3. FF x McLaren Car Skins

4. FF x McLaren Monster Truck Skin

5. FF x McLarena – Parachute Skin

FF x McLaren Collaboration: New Character – Lando Norris

McLaren Formula 1 drive Lando Norris is a fan of video games and will play lead role in this partnership. Our previous experience with Free Fire suggests that players might get to see Lando Norris as a playable character in the game. (This is just a wild guess, we will update about its conformity).

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