Get Skull Punker Bundle In Free Fire’s Latest Faded Wheel Event

Free Fire (FF) has got a new Faded Wheel event in the game between October 6, 2021, to October 12, 2021. It has brought the ‘Skull Punker’ male bundle and ‘SVD – Viper Gangster’ as the grand prizes among other rewards.

How To Get Skull Punker Bundle & Other Rewards?

As you enter the Luck Royale -> Faded Wheel tab, a total of 10 items appear on the event screen. These items are the prize pool of this event. You have to make spins to get these rewards, and you get 1 reward with each spin. But before you start making spins, you have to remove two items that you do not wish to get from the prize pool by making spins. First, select those two items and click on the ‘Confirm’ button available in the middle of the screen to remove these items.

Skull Punker Faded Wheel Event’s Prize Pool:

  1. Skull Punker Bundle
  2. Pet Food
  3. Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate
  4. Disease (Surfboard Skin)
  5. Diamond Royale Voucher
  6. Bonfire Playcard [3 Days]
  7. Captain Summer (Parachute Skin)
  8. Cube Fragment
  9. Star General Weapon Loot Crate
  10. SVD – Viper Gangster

After removing the two unwanted items from the above-mentioned prize pool, click on the ‘Spin’ button available in the middle of the screen to make spins and get rewards one by one. For all players, the first spin is free; after that, it costs 9 diamonds for the second spin and keeps on increasing with each spin.

The items you received once will be removed from the prize pool to increase your chances of getting the grand prize with each spin. But our expertise says that you are most likely to get the grand prize in the 8th spin only as you have to make a total of 8 spins to get all the items.

Diamonds Required for Making Spins:

  • First Spin: 0 Diamond (Free)
  • Second Spin: 9 Diamonds
  • Third Spin: 19 Diamonds
  • Fourth Spin: 39 Diamonds
  • Fifth Spin: 69 Diamonds
  • Sixth Spin: 99 Diamonds
  • Seventh Spin: 199 Diamonds
  • Eighth Spin: 499 Diamonds

To get all the items from the prize pool, you have to spend a total of 933 diamonds. So get your Skull Punker Bundle from the faded wheel event before it ends on October 12, 2021.

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