Free Fire Upcoming Squad Beatz Event: Calendar, Release Date, Items and Much More

Free Fire (FF) players are currently enjoying various events offered by on-going she plays free fire campaign and some popular data miners already announced about the upcoming event calendar. Such campaigns always bring in a set of events from where players get free exclusive cosmetics. For these reasons many players who can’t afford to purchase diamonds wait eagerly for upcoming event calendars. As usual, has arrived with the latest leaks about the upcoming event calendar as well as upcoming items.

The upcoming event calendar is named squad beatz calendar which features amazing visuals. Lots of free items are on their way for being launched. Read the article for getting a glimpse of upcoming events and rewards,

Release date of Free Fire Squad Beatz Calendar

Players will witness the first event from the squad beatz calendar on February 4, 2022, after the end of the ongoing event series. The upcoming event campaign will come to an end on February 20, 2022. These dates are not yet confirmed officially so players have to wait till it gets released.

Complete details about the upcoming Squad Beatz Calendar

  • Beatz Collection (4 February to 20 February) – Login to get featured avatar & banner
  • Beatz Daily Mission (4 February to 20 February) – collect tokens
  • Aftermatch Drop (4 February to 20 February) – collect tokens
  • Travel mission (5 February to 12 February) – get free loot box skin
  • Kill Challenge (8 February to 14 February) – get free pan skin
  • Music Project (9 February to 20 February) – get free parachute skin
  • Login on 12 February (12 February) – get a free backpack
  • Play to Win (12 February) – get incubator voucher and loot crates
  • Play Pet Ludo (12 February to 20 February) – play in a new ludo mode
  • Gold Draw (12 February to 20 February) – get gun skins
  • Booyah Challenge (13 February to 20 February) – free craftland cards
  • Weekend Party (18 February to 20 February) – free monster truck skins

Upcoming free items from Squad Beatz Calendar

The items shown below will be available for absolutely free. Players have to complete given missions to redeem those rewards.

1. Collect tokens to get rewards

2. Upcoming Female Bundle

3. New Event screen – Ludo Mode

4. New Monster Truck Skin

5. New Loot Box

6. New Backpack

7. New Pan Skin

8. New Parachute Skin

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