How Tekno Miles became one of the biggest musicians in Nigeria

Nigeria is filled with various awesome musicians. Promising stars have arrived over the years which includes Tekno Miles. He is already one of the biggest musicians in the country despite only having one studio album under his belt. Let’s look into what made him a big name in his native country and on the international stage too.

He took to music early in his life

Miles was born into a family of six and was raised around the country because his father was a member of the Nigerian army. This meant that Miles bounced around the country and was part of different cultures which play a huge role in his music because he can blend in and out of styles.

Learning how to play pianos and guitars was crucial for the Nigerian singer-songwriter during his school days. This was a good foundation for Miles’ future because he learned pretty well as he turned out to become a solid musician.

This kind of connection with music was what made Miles such a good artist. He worked hard early in his life to learn more about his craft and as he grew older, he became a much better artist with all of his experiences in his early years.

Miles’ rise as a top artist

2012 was the breakout year for Miles as he was spotted by Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu at an event. Miles performed a remix of Ice Prince’s ‘Oleku’ and everyone was impressed. He then released ‘Holiday’ which was met with positive reception.

As the years passed, Miles signed recording contracts and he released his hit single ‘Duro’ which was positively received in various countries including his native Nigeria and also the United States.

Miles worked hard to diversify his music as he blended Afropop with his training in piano and guitar. That is a challenging balance to strike but Miles has turned himself into a full-blown artist who people respect.

With his rise to the mainstream, he has also become the perfect brand ambassador for multiple brands around the world including sports betting platform His brand has been boosted by his music and vice versa which is a good development for Miles himself and the rest of the Nigerian music scene. Artists like him prove that Nigerians can compete at the top tier of musicians and that will help the scene grow better.

Miles is committed to his craft

For almost the entire calendar year, Miles always makes it a priority to release good music that is both fun and meaningful. He is an artist that truly cares for his craft but at the same time, he wants to make a meaningful impact on the people who listen to him.

As time progresses, Miles will continue to create music that will be helpful for him to send his messages but at the same time, he wants people to resonate with him. Miles released his debut album Old Romance in 2020 but he was already a big artist when that came out.

You should expect more projects to come from the Nigerian singer-songwriter as he has shown his commitment to his craft and his desire to be a top artist for years to come. He is only in his late 20s which means he still has so much room left to grow.

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