Free Fire Upcoming Weapon Royale gun skin leaked images and other details: Flaring Bionica G36

Players of Free Fire enjoy a variety of events and all of them have different rules. One of the popular themes of the event is Luck Royales. This kind of event requires luck to get rewarded at fewer prices. Weapon Royale is a type of luck royale in Free Fire and offers a brand new premium gun skin every month. Current Weapon Royale contains a MAC10 skin but it will come to an end on July 2, 2022. After that, a new skin of G36 will be incorporated into the game.

July 2022 Weapon Royale Bundle in Free Fire

Every month a new weapon royale gun is added to the weapon royale section. This time it will be the Flaring Bionica G36. G36 is a popular Assault Rifle in Free Fire and supports two firing modes. However, the classic version of the gun has some recoil issues. But the upcoming Flaring Bionica G36 has some upgraded states making it more lethal. Moreover, the gun skin has a very attractive look in its red and golden color.

Release Date and time of July 2022 Weapon Royale Free Fire

The upcoming Flaring Bionica G36 gun for Weapon Royale of July 2022 is scheduled to release on July 1, 2022, at 12.00 AM in the Free Fire game.


Q: How many diamonds will be required to collect the Flaring Bionica G36?

Answer: players must remember that developers do not guarantee to obtain the desired grand item from weapon royale. The event is purely luck-based so lucky one might get the set by spending a few hundred diamonds whereas others will require thousands.

Q: What is the luck quotient of a Weapon Royale event?

Answer: The luck quotient shows the possibility of getting the gun skin. A higher luck quotient means more chances of getting the item.

Q: When will be the next Weapon royale event launched?

Answer: The upcoming weapon royal will be launched today at midnight.

Note: The said gun skin is leaked information, not an official announcement.  

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