Free Fire February 2021 OB26 Update (4 February) Official Patch Notes & Maintenance Break Time Revealed

Free Fire’s (FF) February 2021 update, aka OB26 update, is scheduled to release on February 4, 2021 (Thursday). Like every OB update, a lot of new features will be introduced to the game. In our previous post, we shared the details of the new features available on the Advanced Server. But not all features of the Advanced Server release to the global server; hence we are here with the Official Patch Notes of the OB26 update that can also be called ‘Cobra Initiative Patch Notes.’

Free Fire February 4 (OB26 Update) Maintenance Break Time:

As a true Free Fire (FF) player, you must know that before every OB update, to ease adding new features to the game, developers take down the servers for few hours. The maintenance break on February 4, 2021, for the Cobra Initiative (OB26 Update) will be from 09:00 AM IST to 04:30 PM IST. During this period, players will not be able to log in and play the game.

Free Fire (FF) Cobra Initiative Patch Notes:

1. Clash Squad

Rank Season 5

  • Season starts 02/05 17:00 SGT

“Clash Squad Season 4 is here! Rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item – The Golden MP5!”

Clash Squad: Shop by Map!

Adjustment in the Clash Squad Store.

“Since we adjusted the store for Season 5, many of you have said that you would like to see more weapons available in the Clash Squad. This Season 5, we bring a new system to the store, where each map will feature a different set of weapons in the store. This way, most of your favorite weapons will be available in the Clash Squad.”

Two store sets available:

  • Bermuda and Bermuda Store Remastered
  • Kalahari Store

Clash Squad: New Item – Mystery Box

Available in the Clash Squad – casual only

“The idea behind the Mystery Box is to give the losing team a chance to react. By purchasing this box, players will be able to receive special items. Each Mystery Box will contain 3 items – but players must choose only 1 to take to the battle. Choose your destiny!”

2. Vending Machine Update:

Updates values for ranked and casual.

“In this update, we will make some adjustments to the prices of the Vending Machine. The price change will be made based on the performance of each item. In addition, we will increase the amount of tokens available on the map so that players are more likely to use the Vending Machine. Sales and improve your backpack.”

Also, check out the main changes in the Free Fire Sales Machine:

  • New Item – Mini drone available at Vending Machine
  • Adjusting token availability
  • Sales Machine Price Adjustment

3. New Items

1. Mini Drone:

Initially available in the Classic Mode (casual and ranked).

“The mini drone is able to scan the surroundings and detect nearby enemies. Its use is individual and may improve your chances of not having any surprises along the way.”

  • Mini drone available only at the Vending Machine.

2. War Chest:

Available in Classic Mode (Casual and Ranked).

“We all know how difficult it is to find the right items in open areas. In this update, the war chest will be available at various points on the map to make it easier to equip on the battlefield.”

3. Reviver Card

Available in Classic Mode (Casual Only).

“You can be revived and return to the battlefield if your teammates buy the Reviver Card from the Vending Machine. After the update, any team with at least 1 player in battle will have the opportunity to revive their squad before the last safe zone appears.”

  • The new Reviver Card item is available at the Vending Machine.

4. New System – Return Area

Available in Classic Mode (Casual Only).

“The Return Area will be available in Classic mode. Players will be able to revive their entire team by capturing and activating the Return Area. However, keep your eyes open: the Return Area will only appear in the exposed area. Nearby enemies will be warned that someone is trying to capture the Return Area. So don’t let your guard down!”

  • Capturing and activating the Return Area will revive the entire squad.

5. Training Island:

“In this update, the Training Island is changing its address to Batou. New special options have been added to compose the tour, such as the Ferris Wheel, Rabbit Race, and the Esports Hall of Fame. In addition, players will be able to access the race track and speed around the island with their friends. Try it and don’t forget to tell us everything!”

New mini-games available:

  • New Shooting Range
  • Rabbit Racing
  • Esports Hall of Fame
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Gel Training

Training Island Store Update:

New items are available on Training Island.

“The Training Island store comes full of news. Visit the store and enjoy your shells!”

  • New Item – Stylish Hammer available.
  • New Item – Giant Dice available.

6. Weapon and Balance:

1. New Gun: MAG-7

Available in Classic Mode and Clash Squad.

“The novelty of this update is the new MAG-7. With its high rate of fire, this weapon will be the danger of short-range combat!”

Attributes of the new MAG-7 Weapon:

  • Damage: 20
  • Magazine: 8
  • Rate of Fire: 0.2
  • Attachments: Muzzle, Stock

2. Vector:

Adjustment of damage, accuracy, and range.

“Vector’s performance has been good, but too good! We are reducing its damage and range so that enemies have the necessary reaction time.”

  • Minimal Damage: -1
  • Maximum Range in Akimbo Mode: -4
  • Accuracy in Akimbo Mode: -18

3. M1014:

Damage and Rate of Fire adjustments.

“since the M1887 and Vector entered Free Fire, the M1014’s performance has been a litter underperforming. To maintain balance, we are increasing its damage and cadence.”

  • New Shooting Sound
  • Minimal Damage: +3
  • Rate of Fire: +5%

4. M1887:

Adjustment of range and damage.

“The M1887 has had absolute reign in medium distance combat for too long. We are going to slightly reduce the damage and range of the M1887 to make the scenario more balanced and challenging.”

  • Maximum reach: -3%


Adjustment of stability and reach.

“PARAFAL currently has a range that does not match the type of weapons it is. We will reduce the effective range and slightly increase its stability to expand the range of weapons for long-distance confrontations.”

  • Recoil: +9%
  • Maximum Range: -15%
  • REMOVED Cartridge Slot

6. Carapina

Adjusting the Rate of Fire.

“Carapine is currently very strong due to the size of its cartridge and the high Rate of Fire. Therefore we will remove the cartridge slot to ensure that the weapon is not unbalanced when equipped with the Lvl cartridge.”

  • Rate of Fire: -8%
  • REMOVED Cartridge Slot

7. UMP

Adjustment of damage and armor penetration.

“Even after adjusting for the last update, UMP is still facing a difficult scenario with helmets and vests of some level. Therefore, we will increase its armor penetration power by 30% to increase its viability in the last zones of the match.”

  • Armor Penetration: +5%
  • Minimal Damage: +1%

8. M249


“The M249 is in a very difficult situation today due to its limited mobility and range. So we will adjust its capabilities so that its fire suppression power at a distance is more efficient.”

  • Movement speed while shooting: +10%
  • Minimum Reach: +4%
  • Moving Accuracy: +4%

9. SVD

Adjustment of damage and rate of fire.

“Due to the SVD’s additional damage, it has been swallowing up several weapons available on the airdrop. We will adjust the damage bonus and Rate of Fire so that players have a better chance of reacting when attacked from a distance.”

  • Rate of Fire: -9%
  • Additional Damage to the Body: 50% -> 40%

10. Groza

Adjustment of Rate of Fire, Damage, and Recoil.

“At the moment, Groza’s performance is far below that of other airdrop weapons and is easily replaceable. To change this scenario a little bit, we will increase Groza’s total damage so that the rewards outweigh the risk of getting airdrop.”

  • Rate of Fire: +8%
  • Minimal Damage: +3
  • Recoil – -6%
  • 100% damage when hitting arms and legs.

11. FF Knife

Available in Classic Mode (Casual and Ranked).

“Ready for some knife action?”

  • Base Damage: 50
  • Ammo: 3
  • Rate of Fire: 0.5
  • Armor Penetration: 100%

7. System:

1. Updating the Sociability System:

Available in all modes.

“We have great news for socializing in this update. After this update, you will have new ways to recruit your friends through the Lobby. In addition, you will be able to update your profile with your gaming preferences to find players who like to play the game in the same way that you.”

Other optimizations:

  • Contact network available now.
  • It is now possible to schedule a match with your departing friends.
  • New profile and name tag available.
  • Scoreboard optimization.
  • Staff lobby available now.

2. Quick Message

Available in all modes.

“We know that it is difficult to communicate with your teammate when a microphone is not working. With a quick message, you will be able to synchronize your actions with a few taps. “

  • Quick start messages available now.

3. 360 Degree Peek Option:

Available in all modes.

“You have been complaining for some time that it is very difficult t find enemies while running. To change this situation, this update will feature the 360 Degree Peak feature, so you can look around while running.”

8. Other Features:

  • New login option: Twitter.
  • Vehicles can now honk in Classic Mode.
  • Squatting and standing up will no longer interrupt the process of reviving your companions.
  • The teammate’s name will be visible in half next to the crosshair.
  • Bug that did not count the damage when hitting fixed.
  • Visualized K’s skill optimized.
  • Inhaler will be able to recover life above 200 for characters over 200.
  • Rewards for Reward Token will be marked on the mini-map.
  • The Clash Squad scoreboard will now show the teammate’s date.
  • It is now possible to see the equipment and skills of the teammate while watching.
  • High SPF shadow option available for all devices.
  • Added the function of opening several loot boxes at the same time.
  • Markers at the start will be shown on the map while parachuting.
  • Sound effects when destroying enemy helmets and vests added.
  • FAMAS-X available in Classic Mode.
  • Added sound effects when hitting the head.

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