Free Fire OB27 Update Details: Release Date, New Characters, New Pet, Full Bermuda 2.0 Map & Much More

Free Fire got its OB26 update on February 4, 2021. This update brought many changes and additions to the game, such as Vending Machine, UAV-Lite, Revival Card, and much more. You can check out the complete changelog here. Similarly, the upcoming OB27 update will also bring many changes and additions to the game. This article will share everything we know about Free Fire’s (FF) OB27 update so far.

Free Fire OB27 Update Release Date:

The OB27 update in Free Fire is expected to release on April 14, 2021. As of now, developers have not made any official announcement, but if you are a regular reader of Free Fire Booyah!, you must know that there is no harm in relying on our expert prediction. Like previous OB updates, the game’s mechanism will go through modification with this update also.

Free Fire OB27 Update New Features:

1. New Character – Elite Andrew

After Elite Kelly, aka Kelly “the Swift” and Elite Hayato aka Hayato “Firebrand”, the third Elite character is coming to Free Fire after the OB27 update. It is going to be the Elite Version of Andrew. Elite Andrew will be named as Andrew “the Fierce”. Similar to other Elite characters, you have to awaken Andrew using the awakening shards.

Elite Andrew’s special skill or ability would be a Passive skill. It works as follows: Run for {0} seconds to activate. When activated, the first {0} shots at the target of {0}% damage. It lasts for {3} seconds. The numbers in {} would change based on the level of the character.

In simple words, after running for some time, it gets activated, and while activated, if Andrew attacks an enemy, he gets extra damage on the vest and helmet. It is something similar to that of Elite Kelly, but we might get to see some special ability changes at the time of the final release. The current information is based on leaks only.

2. New Character – MR1

After Brazil’s Alok (character DJ Alok in FF), Indian Bollywood celebrity Hrithik Roshan (character Jai in FF), American Musician KSHMR (character K in FF), and Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (character Chrono in FF), Free Fie is collaborating with another real-life celebrity, who is Mohamed Ramadan, a famous Arab artist.

With the Free Fire x Mohamed Ramadan (FF x MR1) collaboration, we can expect a new character inspired by the artist. It will be the first-ever Arab character in the game named ‘MR1’. By collaborating with Mohamed Ramadan, Free Fire is putting efforts to target the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) players by letting them play with their favorite character.

There aren’t any leaks available about the special ability or skill of the MR1 character. As soon as we get to know anything, we will update here.

3. New Character – Xtreme

As always, with the OB27 update also, a new male & a female character would be introduced in the game. The male character is MR1, as mentioned above, and the female character is ‘Xtreme’. The Xtreme character comes with an Active skill that includes it in the category of famous characters such as DJ Alok, Chrono, K, and Skyler.

It is officially announced that Xtreme’s special skill increases the HP for a few seconds, increases damage to armors such as vests and helmets, and also deals more damage to glue walls. In simple words, if a player uses Xtreme character, he will be able to cause more damage, whether on the enemy or glue wall, and the same happens with any weapon she uses.

4. New Pet

Like all the previous OB updates, with the OB27 update, a new pet will also be introduced in the game. The OB27 update’s new pet is named ‘ETzin’. The pet ETzin can be seen wearing a Cap and bandana, while sitting on his UFO, playing Free Fire on his mobile.

ETzin’s special ability reduces the damage taken while the character is using the healing items. In simple words, if the character is using Medical Kits, Inhaler, and even Healing Pistols, the damage suffered while the process would be less.

5. New Gun – Kord Machine Gun

The Kord-12.7 mm heavy machine gun is a Russian design that entered service in 1998, replacing the older NSV machine gun. Externally the weapon resembles the NSV; however, the internal mechanism has been extensively reworked, changing from a horizontally pivoting breech block to a rotating bolt design.

The range of this machine gun would be too much that you can even call it a mini-sniper. In the game, it would have a range more than M60 and M249. In real-life, it has a range of 2000 meters. It is under the category of heavy machine guns.

When it comes to ammo used by heavy guns in the game, they use AR ammo. The magazine’s exact capacity is not revealed yet, but it is a machine gun, then it would have more capacity than AR. It would have much damage in the game because in real-life also, it comes with greater damage.

6. New Gun: USP-2

The OB27 update would bring an enhanced version of the already available USP pistol. The new pistol would be named as ‘USP-2’. The currently available USP comes with:

  • Damage – 45
  • Rate of Fire – 44
  • Range – 29
  • Reload Speed – 83
  • Magazine – 12
  • Accuracy – 57
  • Movement Speed – 76
  • Armor Penetration – 0

The new USP-2 is expected to come with an increased Rate of Fire and other changes the developers deem fit. As of now, no official announcement is made about the enhancement in particular. The step is being taken to encourage people to use USP Pistol also in the game, as it is one of the most rarely used weapons by players.

7. New Training Island

The training island is also going through some changes with the OB27 update. One of the most attractive changes would be the addition of a ring that lets you challenge other players.

8. New Awakening System

A new mechanism is being introduced for the awakened characters or so-called Elite characters. Such as we have Elite Kelly, aka Kelly “the Swift,” and Elite Hayato, aka Hayato “Firebrand.”

In this new mechanism, the Original Skill and the awakening ability will be combined together. But to use the two skills, you have to equip the awakened character.

In simple words, if you are using Kelly “the Swift,” you would enjoy the benefits of both the special ability of normal Kelly character, which is ‘Dash’ and the special ability of Kelly “the Swift,” which is ‘Deadly Velocity.’

9. Full Bermuda 2.0 Map

From the previous 2-3 updates, we are expecting the release of the Bermuda Remastered / Bermuda 2.0 map in the game. Recently developers even released it in the game, but it was for few days only. The announcement of the remastered version of Bermuda was made just after the OB24 update, but since then, the new Bermuda map could not make its way to the game permanently.

Credits: Gaer’s Zone YT

If you don’t know, let us tell you that Bermuda 2.0 map comes with many changes compared to the standard Bermuda map. The Advanced Server released before the OB24 update had the Bermuda 2.0 map. You can check out the sneak peek at each location of the new map here.

10. No ‘Gold Coins’ Required To Upgrade Characters

With the OB27 update, players will not be required to spend gold coins to upgrade the characters. As of now, to upgrade a character, there is a requirement of “gold coins + character’s memory fragment,” the amount of which keeps on increasing with every level. But this update onwards, only the character’s memory fragments would be required to level up the characters.

11. New Mechanism: Revive Character In Ranked Battle Royale

In ranked battle royale matches, it would be possible to revive your teammates after they are eliminated. But for this, one of the team members has to be alive. To revive an eliminated player, the player on the battleground has to collect 4 tokens from the map and exchange them for a revival card. Using this card, the player chooses and revives the eliminated teammate of his choice.

While in casual battle royale matches, it would be possible to revive the whole squad at once. For doing that, the player alive on the battleground has to capture and activate the ‘Return Area’ by staying inside it for 5 seconds. The Return Area will be represented on the mini-map with a blue heart icon. Keep your eyes open; you might be hit from any side while recalling your mates.

12. Upcoming Costumes

[Note: The information is last updated on April 12, 2021. We will update it further with new leaks we get. Stay tuned!]

Free Fire OB27 Update FAQs:

Q.1 When will Free Fire OB27 Update Release?

A. April 14, 2021

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