Free Fire OB27 Update (14 April) Official Patch Notes & Maintenance Break Revealed

The OB27 update of Free Fire (FF) is scheduled to release on April 14, 2021. There will be dozens of new features added to the game with this FF April 2021 update. It will bring a new theme of “World Championship”. In this post, we will share the official patch notes of the OB27 update.

Free Fire April 14 (OB27 Update) Maintenance Break Time:

With the introduction of every new OB update in the game, developers take down the servers to smoothen the process of adding new features to the game mechanism. The maintenance break on April 14, 2021, for the OB27 Patch update, will be from 09:00 AM IST to 04:30 PM IST. During this period, players will not be able to log in and play the game.

Why Is Free Fire Not Opening On April 14, 2021?

On April 14, 2021, you must be thinking that why is Free Fire not opening today? So let us tell you that to introduce the update’s new features, developers take down the servers. So on April 14, 2021, the Free Fire servers will be down between 09:00 AM IST to 04:30 PM IST.

Free Fire 14 April Update Patch Notes:

1. Clash Squad

Rank Season 6

  • Season starts 14/04 17:00 SGT

“Clash Squad Season 6 is here! Rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item – The Golden M500!” 

It will be the 6th season of CS, and as a reward, those players who reach the Gold III rank will redeem a ranked special, the M500 Dourada.

  • Dynamic Store In Clash Squad, the store will now be dynamic!

In the previous season, the developers made important adjustments for players to explore different weapons in different weapons, and in this edition, it will be even more varied!

In season 6 of CS, there will be different options in the Clash Squad store; one store will be chosen for both teams in each match.

The main idea of ​​the developers is to further strengthen the creation of new strategies based on the available weapons.

The following stores will be available on Clash Squad:

  • Alpha Store
  • Beta Store
  • Shop Range
  • Delta Store
  • Nebulosa Store (Casual only)

MVP Display

In this update, the MVPs for each team will appear at the end of each match. It’s going to rain prints this season, isn’t it?

2. New Remastered Bermuda Map

In the notes of the Portuguese update, the new Bermuda 2.0 map appears only in Clash Squad; however, on other servers, it is confirmed that it will also be in the Ranked Battle Royale mode. We will wait for the update for confirmation.

3. Weapon Accessories

  • Changes to Contra Squad mode only!

In this update, the weapons and their accessories went together permanently. One less concern when it comes to collecting weapons, how about that?

4. Dynamic Area 

The developers found that some players seek to stay hidden in the center of the safe in Clash Squad mode, waiting for the circle to close to enter combat. To solve this problem, the safe area of ​​the game will move with each round.

As tests have not yet been done in the competitive, this change will only come in the CS Casual mode.

5. Dynamic Duo 

  • Meet the Dual Dynamic system, a special partnership between you and your friends!

Buy the Golden Pact at the Free Fire store, and when you become a dynamic duo, you can unlock a series of achievements based on the time you have played together.

  • Find your real “partner” and start the battle!

6. Loading Menu

Adjustments in the interface will bring great news to the loading menu in this update. The new interface will allow players to access both paraphernalia and characters through the new loading menu.

7. Master’s Medal 

In this new update from April 2021, the Master Medal will be presented, a new feature that will help players keep track of all their progress in the ranked season. Start collecting them right after the Free Fire update and show them to all your friends.

8. Characters And Pets

According to the developers of Free Fire, there will be changes to the interface and character system. It’s been a while since Battle Royale brought changes to the character system. These initial changes are expected to make the system more user-friendly.

First, we will have new features in the character interface; now, it will be easier to navigate, change skills, level up the characters. The maximum level of the characters will be changed from 8 to 6, and to level up, all you have to do is collect fragments, and you will no longer need to use Gold. Finally, the awakened characters will also bring the original character’s ability; the awakening is now real!

I. New character: Maro 

Meet the new character Maro; this falconer will be especially useful for fighting over long distances, and combining with Moco, your ideal partnership, he will be unbeatable!

  • Maro’s ability in Free Fire: Wound of the Falcon.

Maro’s ability consists of increasing the damage according to the distance, being able to increase the damage caused by up to 25%. Using Maro combined with Moco, the damage increases up to 3.5%. That is 28.5% more damage in total.

II. New character: Xayne

  • An athlete addicted to adrenaline, get to know Xayne! Use your skill to turn the tide.
  • Xayne’s ability in Free Fire: Radical Damage.

Xayne’s ability is to temporarily increase up to 80 HP. In addition, damage to gel walls and shields increases by up to 100% and lasts up to 10 seconds.

III. Chrono

According to the developers, the Chrono skill has performed far above the other active skills, especially now that more and more players are using it at the maximum level. Therefore, some adjustments were made to bring your ability closer to the others.

Check out all the changes happening in Chrono’s ability here.

IV. Wukong

Wukong was the first character with active skill in Free Fire. As this happened some time ago, it is out of date with the current style of play.

Therefore, the developers decided to make adjustments and changes to the character Wukong. Check the improvements considering the maximum level 6.

  • Transformation duration: 15 seconds;
  • Shooting will cancel the illusion effect;
  • Knocking down an enemy will reset the ability’s cooldown.
  • Cooldown: 200 seconds

V. Rafael

Rafael’s skill is not as optimized as the developers would like because it is very complicated to use a skill to just be silent during the game. Therefore, your ability will now be passive; it will no longer be necessary to activate your ability to mute.

VI. Hayato “Firebrand”

Now that the awakened characters’ skills and the originals are combined, it makes no sense to keep Hayato Blue Flame’s ability active. Now the Hayato “Firebrand” will have a passive ability, combining better with the original.

VII. A124

The initial objective of the character A124 in Free Fire was to recover life quickly; as the pace of the battles increased, its speed became too slow. The developers decided to increase the speed with which the A124 converts life, regaining its strength in combat!

VIII. Misha

Misha’s current skill did not guarantee her safety while driving, disrupting a professional driver’s life. His skill gained more strength to ensure more safety on the road.

Check out all the changes happening in Misha’s ability here.

IX. Olivia

Olivia’s skill is not enough to bring her friends back into combat. She will receive a little more power to help her teammates and thus be able to turn the tide.

X. Maxim

Maxim’s current ability is not fast enough to make a difference in combat. He will receive a little more strength to adapt to the current style of play.

At level 6, Maxim’s ability will eat mushrooms and use medical kits 40% faster (it used to be only 12%).

9. Vending Machine

Since the Vending Machine was launched, the item has become a central point of departure. In this April 2021 update, developers will make adjustments to make the vending machine easier to find and use.

  • Your location is now visible on the map;
  • Gas damage will not stop the vending machine;
  • Available on all maps;

10. Return Area

Since it was released in the last update, comments on the feedback area are very good, so developers will add this feature for a limited time to all maps, including in ranked mode.

11. Training Island

Are you ready for “X1”? Enjoy the new Fight Ring on the Free Fire training island.

In addition, check out other news:

  • Levels added to the shooting club;
  • Players can add each other to the tour;
  • Decreased the volume of sounds of the weapons on the roll;
  • Battle statistics added in the Combat Zone.

12. Weapon and Balances

I. New KORD Weapon

Introduced the new KORD Free Fire weapon. Stay close to the ground and destroy your enemies!

  • Damage: 35;
  • Rate of fire: 0.21;
  • Cartridge: 80;
  • Accessories: Sight;
  • You can lie down to activate the machine gun mode.

II. FAMAS (Improved)

Although FAMAS’s power is considerable, its 3-shot attack renders its power ineffective against moving enemies; the following adjustments are to improve the weapon in situations like this.

  • Damage: from 28 to 30;
  • Minimum damage: from 11 to 12;
  • Movement speed: -11%;
  • Accumulated recoil: + 20%;

III. UMP (Improved)

Even with adjustments in the past update, UMP’s violent retreat kept it at a disadvantage against other SMGs, so developers will improve some damage and penetration characteristics so that opponents can feel every shot of this cutie.

  • Damage: from 24 to 25;
  • Rate of fire: -5%;
  • Shot accuracy: +1;
  • Accuracy: + 25%;
  • Moving accuracy: + 13%;
  • Movement speed while shooting: + 21%;

IV. FF knife (improved) 

The purpose of the FF Knife is to finish enemies quickly and accurately. However, as its damage is currently very low, it hardly fulfills this function.

  • Damage against detected enemies: +80.

V. MAG-7 (improved) 

Despite the high rate of fire, the MAG-7 has problems when facing other rifles, so it is receiving improvements to make it more competitive.

  • Accuracy: + 8%;
  • Moving accuracy: + 4%;
  • Maximum retreat: -14%;

VI. Vector (worsened) 

There is no doubt that Vector, in Akimbo (two-handed) mode, is the most powerful weapon in Clash Squad. To balance things, developers will reduce their range and increase their recoil to enable the use of other short weapons and medium range.

  • Headshot multiplier: from 550% to 400%;
  • Accuracy in Akimbo mode: -10%;
  • Akimbo mode indentation: + 10%;
  • Maximum recoil in Akimbo mode: + 50%;
  • Reload speed: -25%;
  • Cartridge slot: removed;
  • Cartridge size: from 30 to 25;

VII. Barret M82B (worsened)

Due to its extra damage against Gel walls, the Barret M82B has become too strong. Therefore, the weapon will be worsened and will receive a nerf in the next Free Fire update in April 2021.

  • Extra damage against vehicles, Gel, and Barrels: from 1 to 0.6;
  • Damage to players behind the Gel: from 0.8 to 0.6;

VIII. M14 (improved)

The position that the M14 occupies in Free Fire is very strange, it is not as strong as other ARs in the medium distance, and it is not as good as other Rifles in the long distance. Therefore, the M14 will gain an improvement in this update.

  • Minimum damage: from 25 to 30;

IX. Flashbang 

Now the light grenades will also have a preparation time! Use it carefully and leave your enemies bewildered.

  • Light duration: from 8 to 2.2.

X. Smoke Grenade 

Right now, it is very difficult to use the smoke grenade correctly because the smoke takes a long time to spread. In the next Free Fire update, the speed of the smoke and the distance of its release will be increased.

XI. Machine Gun Mode 

The robust cartridge of automatic machine guns does not usually mean much when necessary to suppress enemy fire because it has a low rate of fire and a strong recoil, making it difficult to hit consistently.

In this update, players will be able to lie down to crouch to activate machine gun mode, increasing their firepower.

  • M60: + 28% rate of fire;
  • M249: +5 damage;
  • KORD: + 5% rate of fire and fires 3 shots at once;

Note: The above weapons must be used in a crouch or lying down to have improved attributes.

13. Optimizations

  • It is now possible to organize the backpack in ascending and descending order.
  • Mini-map optimized for all modes.
  • You can see the active skills while you are watching.
  • Optimization of damage display over time
  • Live players will be prioritized while they are screened.
  • Bug-fix that prevented damage from being counted when you hit.
  • Optimization of horn buttons in vehicles.
  • The ranked interface is now accessible in the team lobby.
  • HUD optimization.
  • The emote, pet emote, ping, bedtime, and legendary skin buttons can now be hidden in the HUD.
  • It is now possible to report inappropriate behavior in the chat window.

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